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The tiny Rufous Hummingbird connects
some of the most extreme environments
of Canada, Mexico, and the United States
twice each year. Its 8,000-km round-trip
migration, through alpine meadows,
forests, and deserts, from Alaska to Mexico,
is the longest of any bird for its size. It is
a critical continental pollinator, following
waves of flowering plants during migration.
Transporting pollen over huge distances
helps resident plant species by increasing
genetic mixing. Although still abundant,
Rufous Hummingbirds are experiencing
significant population declines.

Photo by James Livaudais




A Continent of Birds  


A Continent of People Connected to Birds  


Assessing Tri-National Conservation Priorities  


Loss of Bird Diversity  


Loss of Bird Abundance  


Shared Birds, Shared Responsibility  


A Call to Tri-National Action  






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