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Loss of Bird Diversity

148 species (17% of native landbirds) face high or severe threats and have declining populations according to the PIF species assessment. All of these species warrant the highest levels of tri-national conservation concern and are in danger of disappearing without immediate conservation action. Because many of these species are members of bird families found primarily in the Neotropics (Appendix A), this unique, tropical bird diversity is most in danger of being lost.

Species of High Tri-National Concern

Species of high tri-national concern can be categorized into three sub-groups based on patterns of distribution, abundance, and risk (see Appendix B for a full list of species in each group). Different conservation strategies are required for each group (44 species at greatest risk of extinction; 80 tropical residents of high tri-national concern; and 24 temperate breeders of high tri-national concern).


Groups of birds in which all species are of high
tri-national conservation concern (see Appendix B)

                          HawkEagle_ChrisWood_p.10.jpg  PrairieChicken_LauraErickson_p10.jpg

All three hawk-eagles, both prairie-chickens


All three guans, all three wood-partridges, both quetzals


Both sage-grouse, all four Cyanolyca jays, both macaws

Photos, left to right, top to bottom: Chris Wood, Laura Erickson, Chris Wood, Greg Lavaty (2), Ram Papish, Karen Furgason, Manuel Grosselet


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